Shashi Web Max

Shashi Web Max

We are a Web Development and designing company.  We undertake PHP based web development projects, We make WordPress based websites, Create and manage business social media profiles and provide many more web related services.


Shashi Web Max

Why your business needs a professional website ?

 To make your business and product easier to find.

These days most people will go online and research products and companies before they make a purchase, if you don’t have a website you are missing out on all of this potential business.

To establish credibility as a business.

Most people just assume that you have a website since the vast majority of big companies do. There are some small businesses that don’t have a website and without one this is exactly what they will remain. If you don’t have a website that you can refer people to potential customers are going to assume that you are a small time company that does not take their business seriously.

To to make a good impression.

Well designed web site will help to give the impression that your company is bigger and more successful than it may actually be. One of the great things about the internet is that the actual size of your company does not really matter. If you have good and frequently updated web site there is no reason that you can’t get your site to rank in Google ahead of a large multinational competitor.

To provide better and more efficient service

You can provide easy access to specifications, reviews, photographs, user guides and many other useful information about your products and services using a website.  This would enable your customers to easily find information related to your products and services anytime, anywhere.

You don’t have to ask your customers to visit your place to get more information, you don’t have to send emails to every one of them with photos and specifications. All you have to do is share the link to your web site and in most cases they will find whatever information they need from there.

How much does it cost to build a website?

Web Planning, Design and Development Cost.

This is calculated based on the time it take to design your site and it is a one time expense. Once you provide us your requirements we will study them and estimate the total development cost. Please Contact us at any time to get more information about our rates and charges.

Domain registration charges.

Every website have its own domain name. Google’s domain name is “” and this site’s domain name is “”. You need to choose unused domain name that suits your company profile and register it under your name. To do so you need to pay an annual fee and the amount depends on the size and the  top level domain you choose.

For example top level domain of “” is “.com” and “” is “.net”. “.com” is the most famous top level domain name and it is also one of the most expensive top level domain.

If you are building your web site with us we will provide all the technical support you need to select and register suitable domain name for free.

Web Hosting Cost

Once we design your site it needs to be stored on a server so that it can be accessed over the Internet. You need to pay for this service annually and the payment amount depends on the space and bandwidth your site requires.

If you are building your web site with us we will provide all the technical support you need to select suitable hosting company and a package for free.

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